In 2008, after landing in Los Angeles, CA from the small town of Ionia, MI, Joe Buys embarked on a new journey in an unfamiliar place. With dreams of music and making a difference, the twenty–something college grad was on his own with no place to live or clock to punch. After months of odd–jobs and couch surfing, he stumbled across a book that would literally change his life. 

The book from his then girlfriend and now wife, Tatiana Buys, was titled "The Change Your Life Quote Book," written by Allen Klein. Within that book was the letter "D," and it simply stated - "Dream the Impossible Dream." Shortly after, Joe began coining the phrase "Dream Impossible" with everything he touched. His Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, conversation and everything in between became flooded with the phrase. What started as a mantra slowly turned to a lifestyle, and is now the foundation of the company that exists today.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


A native of Ionia, MI. has had his hands on a basketball and his ears immersed in music as far as he can recall. A 3 sport athlete in basketball, baseball and football, Joe decided to step out and take basketball to the next level. After a stellar senior year he progressed to Aquinas College where he took to the hardwood, just before transferring to Grand Valley State University where he received his degree in advertising and PR. Soon after his term at GVSU was complete, Joe shifted focus and took his dream of music and entertainment to the great city of Los Angeles. Having no residence, place of employment or people to know held no weight to the love, hunger and passion burning to achieve what he set out to do.

Over 5 years later Joe has co–created Dream Impossible, been featured in Academy Award winning films, opened for multi–platinum recording artists and currently works as a strength coach for Game Time Strength in El Segundo, CA. With a desire to help others live life with great passion and enthusiasm, Joe Buys is on a mission to lead others in not only maximizing their potential, but vividly seeing their TRUE self-worth

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


A Southern California native from Fontana, grew up with feverish passion for softball and many other sports. As an adolescent she found herself to be a critical part of the competitive travel ball circuit. Shortly after, her talents emerged on the diamond and landed her a full scholarship to play as a Seminole for Florida State University. During her tenure in Tallahassee, Tatiana graduated with a dual degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship, won 3 Conference championships, journeyed to 2 World Series’ and was presented with the All–ACC award. Tatiana is currently employed by Nike,Inc. in Los Angeles; a dream of hers since middle school. In addition to Nike, she’s also teaching softball, continuously working with young girls and women alike on the importance of being yourself, walking confidently in your uniqueness and living life to the fullest. With a passion for athletics, teaching and life, Mrs. Buys has definitely found her stride.